The Writer’s Lexicon: Descriptions, Overused Words, and Taboos

The Writer’s Lexicon

Multiple 5-star reviews.

Transform wooden characters into believable personalities your readers will learn to love. Or hate. Relax and enjoy your creative journey—with The Writer’s Lexicons as your guides.

A few comments from readers:

“… a writer’s resource that works triple-duty as a thesaurus, an editing manual, and an instructional manual rife with exercises and examples …”

“For anyone looking for a cheat sheet when editing or for those who want to improve their overall writing during any phase of work …”

“I like the lists because they poke at my autopilot brain and help that foggy, lazy gray mass to visualize other choices.”

“This book goes deeper than probably any I’ve read so far on the subject of writing.”

“No matter what the word, phrase, or taboo is, Kathy has several substitutes for them, each dependent on the emotion or state of mind trying to be conveyed.”

“Not just alternatives, but super words that capture exactly what I mean and draw the pictures I want to portray.”

“… a go-to reference when I’m looking for just the right way to phrase a critical passage …”

Click here to download a master table of contents in PDF format for both volumes.

The Writer’s Lexicon and The Writer’s Lexicon Volume II, by Kathy Steinemann

Time to slash the Pinocchio strings and turn characters into real people. Award-winning author Kathy Steinemann provides the tools. She cuts through the so-called rules and offers simple solutions.

Learn how to harness body language, purge hackneyed adjectives, and draw on the environment for ambience. No more wooden characters. You’ll transform them into believable personalities that your readers will learn to love. Or hate.

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