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Kathy Steinemann

Kathy Steinemann, Grandma Birdie to her grandkids, lives in the foothills on the Alberta side of the Canadian Rocky Mountains. She has loved words for as long as she can remember, especially when the words are frightening, futuristic, or funny.

As a young child, she scribbled poems and stories. During the progression of her love affair with words, she won public-speaking and writing awards, and she contributed to her school newspaper. Then every Monday, rain or shine, she walked home instead of taking the bus so that she could deliver her latest column to the community weekly.

Her career has taken varying directions, including positions as editor of a small-town paper, computer-network administrator, and webmaster. She has also worked on projects in commercial art and cartooning.

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See Kathy’s Books for a list of her current books.

Her work has appeared in (or will soon appear in) several other publications, including:

  • Adverbially Challenged
  • Boston Literary Magazine
  • Concise Books
  • Fine Linen
  • Gyroscope Review
  • Indies Unlimited
  • KTF Press Flash Fiction
  • Mad Scientist Journal
  • Mash Stories
  • MJ Magazine
  • Pidgeonholes
  • Postcard Shorts
  • Robbed of Sleep
  • Saturday Night Reader
  • Seven Deadly Sins YA Anthologies
  • Shoreline of Infinity
  • Steampunk Fairy Tales Volume II
  • Tall Tale TV
  • The Quarterday Review
  • Tiny Moments
  • Unbroken Journal
  • Vræyda Literary
  • Weirdyear
  • WOW! Women on Writing
  • Writers’ Village

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12 thoughts on “About the Author

    • Thanks for stopping by, Carol.

      Congrats on your placement in “100 Best Websites for Writers in 2018” at The Write Life. I haven’t had a chance to check all the links there yet but intend to soon.

      All the best for a successful 2018,

  1. Hi Kathy,

    I write a quarter column each week for our local Costa Blanca Newspaper (for a group I Chair called Writers’ Ink) and do hope you don’t mind that I repeated the first line of Diana Wynne Jones’ book THE GAME. (hope she doesn’t mind either!!) I, of course, mentioned you both. Sincerely, Joy Lennick

  2. Hello Kathy. I would like to know what genres of books that you like to review. Thanks for your time. Have a blessed day.

  3. Mrs. Kathey,
    I don’t know if you will remember me or not. I sure hope so. I will try to explain to where you may have a way of remembering without leaving to many details. I worked on reviews for you a while back for the “Sapphire Brigade” books. You and I had lots of talks via email. Well, I’m also a mom of (at the time 5) 6 children now.
    I was wondering if you’d ever considered on writing the 3rd book of “The Sapphire Brigade”? I would absolutely love to hear from you again!

    • Hi, Lisa!

      Yes, I certainly remember you. I’ll be revising the first two books over the next few months, and I plan to release them in paperback as well. The third novel is partially written.

      I hope you’re doing well.

  4. Just got your IBS-IBD Fiber Charts book and thank you for this great information. Is there a point though at which you will avoid a certain food if the insoluble fiber content is too high and where to do tend to draw the line?

    • I’m glad you find the book helpful, Marina.

      I avoid insoluble fiber whenever my symptoms become problematic. It’s a judgment call, but when I have a flare-up, I refer to the chapter that lists foods high in soluble fiber. Everyone is different. What works for you one week might prove difficult the next. The body is a complex mechanism with several systems that react to diet and external factors such as stress.

      On another note, The IBS Compass will soon appear in print, and the digital version will be updated with new information as well. It contains all the information from IBS-IBD Fiber charts plus several additional chapters. I’ll be announcing it on the blog.

      Good luck with your IBS, and remember that you’re not alone!

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